Expert Landscaping Services

The team of landscaping professionals at Javier’s Lawn, Dirt & Grading Service, LLC is smaller than most multi-location outfits, but we have all the capabilities you need. We purposely keep it small so that we can keep a closer eye on all the work we do, ensure it is done right, and tie up any loose ends before the work is done.


We are your local, family-owned landscaping company, working with local suppliers (like The Greenery and Roland’s) and local home and business owners in Ellis County and beyond. We believe in treating people fairly and doing the best job we can at every site because we put our name and reputation on the line, every day.

Advanced Landscaping Services

For all our talk of local, family-owned landscaping, however, our service options are among the most versatile and diverse in the area. We train more, learn more, and do more—by hand—to give you the wide array of options you expect from the best:

Complete Lawn Care


Our mowing services include weed eating and edging the yard, mulching and baggingclippings, blowing off all the areas aroundlawn for a clean looking yard.We also clear and/or land that is either too rough or has grass that has grown too high for a traditional zero-turn mower.

Hedge Trimming

Our company trims back and maintains over-grown hedges back to theirdesired shape and size.


We remove undesirable weeds and apply today’s top fertilization products for a healthier-looking lawn

Complete Tree Services

Debris Clean Up

Javier’s specializes in cleaning up yard debris such as branches and leaves thatfell during a storm or that you have cut and need removed. We also doclean-up for construction debris that has to be hauled off to a landfill for properdisposal.

Tree Trimming

We take off tree limbs that are too close to your home or the ground, remove entire trees, and provide total stump removal.

French Drainage

French Drainage

When you have standing water due to obstacles like pools, concrete,fences, or just too much water during heavy rains, we’re here for you.French drains are an ideal solution to these problems, as they consist of grates which are placed to catch the water then reroute it away from the area out to a nearby drain or ditch via connected pipes

Dirt Grading

We regrade your land for a smooth, even appearance.Whether it’s regrading around a home, driveway,or pool, our work makes the watershed away instead of towards your property. Grading also prepares the ground for sod or seed, and is useful orgetting a pad prepared for concrete.

Driveway Maintenance

Our driveway maintenance programs are perfect for getting ready to put a new driveway in, or justneeding to do some repair and smooth out your current driveway structure.

Welding Services

Metal Fence/ Post Hole Drilling

Our teams can builds a metal fence with entry wayaround your property or dig post holes to help you with your DIY fencing project.

Welding Fabrication and Repair

Javier’s fabrications can complete almost anything you need built custom anddesign it to fit your needs. Whether it is completely from-scratch, just adding to an existing item, or if justneed something repaired that cracked or broke, we can weld it for you in just the right ways.

Mobile Welding

Do you have something that needs to be welded, but you just can't move it? Let Javier’s bring our outstanding mobile service to you! On-site or in the field, we have the complete mobile capabilities you need. 


For more information about our landscaping services, or to schedule your FREE estimate with us, please call and speak to one of our technicians at (972) 825-6044.